Lighting the flame

The cover image I wanted

Today I began a new adventure. I published a story on Kindle. I created an author page on Amazon, and I’ve been obsessively checking how many copies I have sold, every few minutes.

The answer is: “not a lot”. Someone has read six pages, or six people have read one page each, and I strongly suspect it is the first option, and that reader is me, as part of my checking to see how it looks.

Besides, I love the story. It turns me on. Pure fantasy, but I imagine the characters in the situations in which I have placed them, and I find that I cannot help but get a little bit moist.

And if I find the story sexy and exciting after reading every word a dozen times over, then I am sure that there may be a few other people in the world who feel the same way coming in cold.

I started writing a week ago, and in between researching how to publish on Kindle, setting up the social media, looking for a good cover image, pulling my hair out over the details that weren’t quite right, hunting down answers on bulletin boards, getting a wink or two of sleep, and oh yeah, badgering my partner for a bit of intimate activity to reduce the congestion, I cranked out ten thousand words.

It has been so much fun!

The story I’ve published is maybe a third of the whole thing, which is why I’ve called it “The Hot Bits”. There’s more to come – so to speak – and I hope to have the whole tale up in a week or two.

For now, the story is up on Kindle here. It’s priced at $2.99 American, but once I have a few more stories published and more in the pipeline, I’ll get some freebie promotion going on. In fact, you can read it for free right now if you take out a subscription to Kindle Unlimited here and take advantage of the first month free.

I’d love to know what people think of it!

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