Lighting the flame

The cover image I wanted

Today I began a new adventure. I published a story on Kindle. I created an author page on Amazon, and I’ve been obsessively checking how many copies I have sold, every few minutes.

The answer is: “not a lot”. Someone has read six pages, or six people have read one page each, and I strongly suspect it is the first option, and that reader is me, as part of my checking to see how it looks.

Besides, I love the story. It turns me on. Pure fantasy, but I imagine the characters in the situations in which I have placed them, and I find that I cannot help but get a little bit moist.

And if I find the story sexy and exciting after reading every word a dozen times over, then I am sure that there may be a few other people in the world who feel the same way coming in cold.

I started writing a week ago, and in between researching how to publish on Kindle, setting up the social media, looking for a good cover image, pulling my hair out over the details that weren’t quite right, hunting down answers on bulletin boards, getting a wink or two of sleep, and oh yeah, badgering my partner for a bit of intimate activity to reduce the congestion, I cranked out ten thousand words.

It has been so much fun!

The story I’ve published is maybe a third of the whole thing, which is why I’ve called it “The Hot Bits”. There’s more to come – so to speak – and I hope to have the whole tale up in a week or two.

For now, the story is up on Kindle here. It’s priced at $2.99 American, but once I have a few more stories published and more in the pipeline, I’ll get some freebie promotion going on. In fact, you can read it for free right now if you take out a subscription to Kindle Unlimited here and take advantage of the first month free.

I’d love to know what people think of it!

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Written by Britni Pepper

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures. Her schoolmates loved listening to her stories about princesses and pirates and dragons, and once she looked up to find the principal looking on. "No, no, don't stop, Britni," he said. "I want to hear what happens next!" What happened next was university, a job in the travel industry, and a career of travelling the world meeting the most fascinating people. Britni has travelled to thirty of the world's nations and loves making up stories about fascinating people doing interesting things in exotic places. No longer tales about princes and wizards, but her stories are just as much fantasy as ever.

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