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Yesterday I talked about reading Katrina England’s book “Writing and Publishing Erotica” and how I’d written down some of the things she advised for new authors. I’d already joined Goodreads, which is a site I heartily recommend to anyone interested in books or literature of any kind, and she advised creating an author page.

Here’s my Goodreads author page. I might only have one story up on Kindle, but I’m an author. Yes, there’s more planned, and in fact I’m pushing along very well, but balance is important in my life, and I think being a part of the reading and writing community is vital. I might kid myself that what I have to offer is worth listening to, but when I immerse myself in the vibrations of thousands of people eagerly talking about their lifetime of reading, I’m just a drop in an ocean of words.

I’ve made a few tentative steps to filling out the profile, linking this blog – which is coming out as kind of random-looking, must work on that – and answering some questions about writing. My answers work for me, and they really go deep into how I work. If I can link into the beauty of the world, feel the grace and majesty of the universe, and let my spirit look on the workings of my subconscious mind, there’s a magic happens.

Sometimes I can put pen to paper to share my feelings. I guess that’s a fairly lofty sort of view for someone cranking out stories of sex, but is not intimacy and love and ecstasy what life is really for?

reading, writing

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