Excerpt from Coding by Candlelight

Ahead lay the sports pavilion. Dark, dismal, deserted; deep shadows in the faint moonlight. Clooney considered waiting here until Ms Parvati came along. What if he was caught prowling around the locked pavilion by some night security guard? How would he explain himself? “Ah, just going to smoke some weed with my teacher.” Yeah, that’d work.
As he paused, his phone rang. He pulled it out, the screen bright in the gloom. Not a number he recognised, and they hung up before he could answer. Odd. 

It buzzed before he could put it away. A text.

“Waiting 4U. Swim first?”

Clooney thought for a moment, remembering back to his conversation with Frank. Yes, he’d love to see her in a bathing costume, those big round breasts pressing up against the tight fabric. Maybe even a bikini.

Down below, he could feel the first gentle stirrings as his body responded to the images swimming before his mind’s eye.

Ah. But.

He replied, “Might sit it out. Haven’t got my swimmers.”

A response came back at once. “Nor have I.”

He heard a splash from the sports pavilion. No point sending any sort of reply now. Besides, something between his legs had a mind of its own and was pointing the way with eager desire. Forward!

He hobbled down the path as best he could. Now that his eyes, straining through the gloom, knew where to look, he could see ripples on the surface of the pool, and pale moving shapes that must be the limbs of a swimmer.

The gate in the tall chain-link fence was closed, and he struggled back and forth with the handle.

“There’s a child lock. Reach up.” Definitely Ms. P’s voice. “Do you want me to get out and open it for you, dear?”

Oh yes! The thought of her, water dripping off her skin as her body stretched up made him moan quietly.

“No, I’m fine.”

There it was. A hard knob. He gave it a tug or two, and with a jerk it was free and the gate opened.

Extracted from Britni Pepper’s Coding by Candlelight


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