Going Pro

Today marks a milestone. You may not notice it, but today this blog moves to a different domain. BritniPepper.com, to be exact.

This shouldn’t make much difference. It’s still a basic blog, aimed at promoting and talking about my work as a writer. I’ve chosen a more advanced theme, but it still looks pretty much the same as it did yesterday, at least to my unprofessional eye.

The main reason I made the switch was to safeguard my name. I’m planning for “Britni Pepper” to be a valuable commercial property one day, and it’d be a real bummer if someone stole it and misled readers.

So I’ve gotten in first. Any links and feeds should still work the same, and once I puzzle out how to do it, there’ll be fresh things. I’ve made a start on that, by adding a Samples page, where I’ve kicked the page off with a few paragraphs from my (so far) only published work.

As you might imagine, once Clooney opens that gate, things begin to get very interesting!

Coding by Candlelight: The hot bits is available to buy on Amazon for 99c, and for those who have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, it’s free. Not a long read – 38 pages – but packed with hot stuff.

I’d love to know what you think: of my choosing a more professional blog domain, how it looks, how Coding by Candlelight affects you.


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