A library in my pocket

I am allowed ten books at any one time on my Kindle Unlimited shelf. Perhaps my appetites were bigger than my eyes, because I found that I reached that limit very quickly, and if I saw another book that looked juicy and interesting, I had to read and return one.

This is a good thing, because otherwise I would just stockpile books and like the towering Mount Toberead beside my bed, the ones on the bottom would never get read, buried under a pile of newer arrivals.

Besides, I like reading. My aim in getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription is to check out the various market niches, see what’s popular, what’s good, what characteristics the best-sellers have and so on.

This doesn’t mean I intend to churn out stories in the same vein as everyone else, but but it does give me a feel for the environment.

Maybe I can earn a few brownie points by reviewing books.

And, you know, I like reading!

I’m looking at shorter works. Something that will take me half an hour or so. 10 000 words; that sort of territory,

Like an Uber ride, my reviews are going to be five stars, unless I detest and despise the book, which most likely means that I haven’t read the blurb.

My real views will be in the review itself. A long review where I examine various aspects of the work probably means I enjoyed it. Thought it was worth some serious examination, for starters.

I need to review things on Goodreads first; when I drop a review into Amazon it sinks out of sight for a day or so until someone’s had a look at it and given it a tick. On Goodreads, I can do the review and then copy it for Amazon immediately.

You’ll have to follow me on these platforms – Amazon and Goodreads – to see what I’m reading. And what I think of them.


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