Terror in tranquility

The city of Christchurch is one close to my heart. So many delightful adventures exploring this beautiful English city set amongst the green Canterbury landscape of New Zealand.

Old buildings, the river Avon flowing and curving through, the glory of the parkland.

I must have passed by the Christchurch Mosque dozens of times. It looks out over the pleasant green park to the city beyond, a place of tranquility and harmony. I find places like this inspiring and uplifting. Temples, by their very nature, are places where truth, beauty, and light gather, and the vibrations and lives of the worshippers remain even when the space is empty.

These are places of love, of devotion, of respect.

I am saddened for those who cannot see this and treat a temple and those worshipping there with any lesser emotion than love.

As members of the human family we all naturally have different cultures, upbringings, experiences, and skills. Like snowflakes, no two alike, even if we seem so from a distance in mass.

Beyond all individuality, the spirit of human consciousness unites us all. If we harm another, we harm ourselves.

Pause with me for a moment to think of those who were harmed. Close your eyes, feel the body’s weight, be right here in the present moment, let your busy mind rest and be still. Think of a candle flame burning in the darkness. If it flickers, let it fall still and straight and bright.

It only takes a moment. That flame burns true and bright in my consciousness, and in the inner eyes of thoughtful minds. For a moment, we are united, and we think of our lost brothers and sisters, and those who still breathe in the fresh air and may lift their eyes to the glory of the creation.

Thank you.


Photo by Hakan Erenler from Pexels

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