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Writers can be the boldest or the most fragile of characters. Putting down your thoughtstuff in words for permanent display can be a daunting prospect. Oh sure, we all do it on Facebook and Twitter every day – every hour of every day for some of us whom one might think were busy running a superpower – but writing for publication is different.

I know that I’m certainly feeling a bit nervous about putting what amounts to my naughty fantasies out there for public display. Will people pay actual money to share my dreams, or will they just laugh?

Supporters and listeners and readers who aren’t friends and family, and in fact are well aware of the problems facing writers, are gold.

And I’ve just discovered the motherlode. Following a mention on Reddit – a platform that I find just a little daunting – I began exploring the #writingcommunity hashtag on Twitter.

Holy swooping magpies, but what a community! In an afternoon I went from zero to 150 Twitter followers, and I could have found more if I really wanted. I now have a Twitter feed that is full of inspiration, the friendship of strangers, and a massive time-sink if I needed another one.

If any of my blog readers – maybe there’s a dozen of you at a pinch – feel the need for a sharing, supportive, inspirational online family, join in the uproar on Twitter.


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