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My short book Coding by Candlelight is almost ready to publish. I’ve compiled it a few times, proofread it, corrected it, and there’s only a few steps to go before I upload it to Kindle.

I think it’s pretty good, but I’m way too close to the thing to have any objective view.

I’ll be giving away free copies for review, and I’ll be getting Amazon to send them out. These will be ebooks for reading on a Kindle device or app, and I’ll be sending out a handful in the initial release.

Using this method, Amazon will give you an option of declining the book and instead taking a credit – a 99c credit – or gift certificate, and rest assured, anyone who does that will be on my shitlist. I’m looking for genuine readers, and while you’ll be able to leave a review on Amazon and other sites, it you want to send me your thoughts privately, that would be fine.

I’m looking for honest reactions, advice as to what works, what doesn’t, any typos; the sort of things I as the author just can’t see for myself. You know how every parent thinks their ugly little messy noisy monster is the best child ever? Well, that’s me.

Two things I need. The email address you use to sign onto Amazon so that they can send you a copy. Don’t put these in comments; either use the contact form or DM me on Twitter or message me on Facebook. Please.

And second, you need to know that this is a work of erotica, so you must be 18 or over, and you will encounter the characters doing lots of naked sex stuff to each other, so if anybody doesn’t like that sort of thing, you have been warned.


Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

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