Die Notizbuch

Someone posted on Twitter – or tweeted, I should say – a photo of their writing environment. A pen and a notebook.

That’s all write for some, but my writing is a horrendous scrawl, unless I slow down and calligraph. And I’d have to transcribe it all later.

I write in Scrivener, and there’s no better environment.

But for notes and things, I have a note environment. In this case a Levenger Circa binder with a pen loop, a Lamy Vista fountain pen, and a bunch of paper.

Offscreen there’s a paper punch to make the binder holes. Most of my paper is pre-punched, but for inserts, such as this slab of German text we’re translating, just punch the paper and slot it in.

The Circa system is flexible and powerful. That’s why I love it. The binding system is just a few plastic disks with rims thicker than the middles. With the right holes, paper sheets just zip on and off, so I can reorganise as the fit takes me. There are binders and tabs and plastic pockets; for a stationery nut like me, it’s sweet temptation.

They also do planner pages, and a highlight of every year is the arrival of the new journal pages, which I mostly ignore for most of the year. But I’ll start using it properly next week, for sure.

A fountain pen, even a simple plastic Lamy one with a converter, isn’t the most practical implement, but they are fun. I have a Lamy 2000 – thank you Neil Gaiman – but although it’s gorgeous, it’s not the sort of pen for everyday carry.

I’ve tried various tech solutions, and I have an Apple pencil gathering dust somewhere, but Lamy and Levenger work out best for me. Always available, infinitely flexible, beautifully engineered. Love ’em!


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