Die Notizbuch

Someone posted on Twitter – or tweeted, I should say – a photo of their writing environment. A pen and a notebook.

That’s all write for some, but my writing is a horrendous scrawl, unless I slow down and calligraph. And I’d have to transcribe it all later.

I write in Scrivener, and there’s no better environment.

But for notes and things, I have a note environment. In this case a Levenger Circa binder with a pen loop, a Lamy Vista fountain pen, and a bunch of paper.

Offscreen there’s a paper punch to make the binder holes. Most of my paper is pre-punched, but for inserts, such as this slab of German text we’re translating, just punch the paper and slot it in.

The Circa system is flexible and powerful. That’s why I love it. The binding system is just a few plastic disks with rims thicker than the middles. With the right holes, paper sheets just zip on and off, so I can reorganise as the fit takes me. There are binders and tabs and plastic pockets; for a stationery nut like me, it’s sweet temptation.

They also do planner pages, and a highlight of every year is the arrival of the new journal pages, which I mostly ignore for most of the year. But I’ll start using it properly next week, for sure.

A fountain pen, even a simple plastic Lamy one with a converter, isn’t the most practical implement, but they are fun. I have a Lamy 2000 – thank you Neil Gaiman – but although it’s gorgeous, it’s not the sort of pen for everyday carry.

I’ve tried various tech solutions, and I have an Apple pencil gathering dust somewhere, but Lamy and Levenger work out best for me. Always available, infinitely flexible, beautifully engineered. Love ’em!


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Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures. Her schoolmates loved listening to her stories about princesses and pirates and dragons, and once she looked up to find the principal looking on. "No, no, don't stop, Britni," he said. "I want to hear what happens next!" What happened next was university, a job in the travel industry, and a career of travelling the world meeting the most fascinating people. Britni has travelled to thirty of the world's nations and loves making up stories about fascinating people doing interesting things in exotic places. No longer tales about princes and wizards, but her stories are just as much fantasy as ever.

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