Sticking it out

This may not have been mentioned previously, but I write erotica shorts for fun and profit. Well, fun, anyway.

My first serious piece is live on Kindle, and the first feedback is starting to trickle in, so there will be a few revisions made. Nothing major, but my nose has been pressed so close to the trunks over the past month, I can’t see the trees, let alone the forest, and that’s why it helps to get fresh eyes on my thing.

I know that I said I could get Amazon to send out a review copy for free, but it turns out I can’t, and I can’t put it up on a download site either. I’m happy to send out private copies for free if you DM me with an email – and please specify the format your reading device uses – but that offer will expire in two days.

And ir’s available on Kindle Unlimited for what is effectively nothing, or you can stump up 99c on Kindle itself; the lowest price they let me set.

I would love to hear any feedback. Positive or negative, it’s all good. If you want to nitpick and send me a big bag of typos that you have found, that would be super. I like to think I obsessively picked them all out, but it’s like picking Lego up off the floor, you don’t find that last one until it’s dark and you are barefoot, and you have a mug of hot chocolate in your hand.

I know at one point in the text I use the word “urgent” when you might think “urgency” would be the go if I were using real grammar, but I stand by my choice. Apart from that, lay it on me!


P.S. I do urge you to follow that Lego link above. Totally #NSFW!

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