Ocean of bliss

Dawn, and a hall full of people is silent and still as the first rays add a golden glow to the dim lighting.

A hundred people sit on chairs, or crosslegged on cushions. Our eyes are closed, our breathing regular, our minds motionless.

Yet, nobody is sleeping. We are all awake and aware of every tiny sound in the room and out to the edge of hearing.

If, God forbid, someone broke wind from the vegetarian diet, every ear in the room would pick it up, but nobody would giggle, nobody would gasp, nobody would say a word, ever.

Our minds are supposed to be quiet, and inside, every one of us is reciting a Sanskrit mantra, a kind of internal hum that calms the thoughts and lets the consciousness float.

Our awareness sails away on the serene waters of an ocean as tranquil and pacific as a sheet of glass. We are drops in the ocean, each distinct, each a part of the greater whole.

Most of us sitting still in the warm gloom achieve a certain bliss for a few moments. The mind falls truly, deeply still, and a joyous light arrives. It is enjoyed but as soon as it is recognised, that very thought sends it away.

The aim is to calm the mind, to enjoy the bliss, to think of nothing at all until the bell rings at the half hour’s end. Some have thirty minutes of bliss.

And some have thirty minutes of daydreaming about the hunky guy two seats over with the spicy aftershave. Who can tell where the mind is wandering? Who is there to see the nipples hardening and the hands folded demurely in the lap busy with something beneath the surface?

Perhaps there is a soft sigh, a gasp and a shudder as nirvana is found. Who knows, who will tell?

Not this embodiment of the universal consciousness. My lips are sealed.

There will be another meditation at dusk, as the sun goes down. I look forward to it.


Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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