Once upon a time I had a tutor who told us a story, by way of indicating the importance of mood and emotion. He said that he had been caught up in an instance of road rage, and had given all manner of hand signals to the other idiot driver as he pounded on his horn, snarled at her and even if she couldn’t hear him, left her in no doubt that she was being sworn at in a most horrid fashion.

Feeling a little better for venting, he parked his car and pressed the button for the elevator. As he waited, a woman came up and stood beside him. He glanced at her; she was the very same target of his angry behaviour a few minutes earlier.

“You can imagine how tense the atmosphere was as we rode up in that small space together,” he said.

Never forgotten the lesson. So I’m starting off my next story with something similar. Anger, rude words, raw emotions to begin with, but these two people will be sharing a confined space for hours on end. How will they handle each other?

Given the nature of my shorts, I doubt anyone will think too long abut the inevitable progression from hot rage to hot um, handling, but still, it’s a way to put some tension into the story.

I’m surprised that other writers have not made use of and totally over-used the same trope.

Perhaps there is a more cerebral way of handling this, but hey, I’m not a subtle writer. If it fits it stays.


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