For the next five days, my erotica medium story Coding by Candlelight is available for Kindle for the price of nothing at all. That’s right. You can buy it, read it, keep it for free.

You don’t even need a Kindle. Download a Kindle reader app for your IOS or Android device.

There’s a 6 star review here, a sample here, and the Amazon page is here.

Clooney has spent the past year dreaming about getting back to Code Camp and two women: first, the Indian tutor who encouraged him in his programming. Nothing to do with the fact that she’s young, exotic, and looks fabulous in a red bathing suit. Oh no.

Second, his team-mate Erin. They have a history together, and Clooney is open to renewing and deepening the relationship.

Now that’s he has turned eighteen, Mrs Parvati has no qualms about suggesting they unwind after class: just the two of them quietly sharing a late evening smoke beside the deserted swimming pool.

Things don’t quite turn out as planned, and Clooney finds that Mrs Parvati’s teaching skills have hidden depths; she makes some very good points as they get to grips with a slippery situation.

But Erin is wondering if Clooney is worth another go after their disastrous start last year, and she’s willing to put a lot of effort into finding out. Can Clooney juggle two gorgeous women?

No strings attached, but if you’d care to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, or even just use the contact form to let me know your thoughts, that would be fantastic.


erotica, publishing

Written by Britni Pepper

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures. Her schoolmates loved listening to her stories about princesses and pirates and dragons, and once she looked up to find the principal looking on. "No, no, don't stop, Britni," he said. "I want to hear what happens next!" What happened next was university, a job in the travel industry, and a career of travelling the world meeting the most fascinating people. Britni has travelled to thirty of the world's nations and loves making up stories about fascinating people doing interesting things in exotic places. No longer tales about princes and wizards, but her stories are just as much fantasy as ever.


  1. Wow, that’s one excellent sample. Sounds like Clooney is in quite a pickle there. (Lucky devil). Exotic places are always fun to read about. Having been to thirty (wow), I’m sure you have tons of experience to draw from. Looking forward to this story and many more!

    Liked by 1 person

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