Crash test smarties

Yesterday I spoke about finding and hopefully fixing a major problem in my writing strategy, I think I’ve got it covered, but that just came out of the blue at me.

I don’t know yet what I’m doing wrong. Only yesterday I gave Coding by Candlelight one last read, and a whole bunch of typos jumped out and laughed at me.

This on something I’d read a dozen times already.

I’m advertising on Twitter for beta readers on my next story, which with any luck I’ll finish today, and I don’t want readers who will just tell me that it’s very nice and they enjoyed it.

I want them to tell me it wobbles at 69, my dictionary skills left me on pages 5, 10, 15 and 21, the main character changes names half-way through, I spend too much time talking about champagne and why, when I’m building up the tension did I change tense twice in a paragraph?

That sort of stuff.

When I read a piece of erotica, I’m reading with one hand, because the other is clutching a fountain pen and making notes. If I find a problem with a story, I make a note of where it is and what it is, and I irritatingly send my list to the author.

I do my best to write well and provide something that my readers will enjoy in every sense of the word, but I’m flying blind because my nose is squashed against the instrument panel, and I can’t see the big picture.

This is all very new to me as well. I need experienced co-pilots who can get me back on track before I go over a cliff. And I’ll make a commitment in turn to provide honest feedback for any beta reader who wants me to look over their not-quite-ready-to-publish stories.

In other news, my five day freebie promotion on Coding by Candlelight is in its final hours. I think I screwed up by a day by not counting the International Dateline into my thinking, so the thing is still a great deal. Price shoots up to 99c after midnight California time, and of course it is a free read on Kindle Unlimited all the time.


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