Chain-drinking coffee

Yesterday was a writing day. After days of skimping and well, doing other things related to writing, I finally knuckled down and finished Mile High Scrub, the first in what is planned to be five stories about a tour group in Iran with eyes for their fellow tourists rather than the wonders of Persia.

I made myself mug after mug of coffee, cranked out 4 000 words, came to a tentative end, and gave up late in the evening when I contemplated the nitty gritty nit-picking work of packaging it up into ebook formats.

Yeah, I know, Scrivener will do the job with a single hit of the “Compile” button, but what emerges is rarely something with the details I want. Getting the table of contents right is an hour of looking up help files, trying various options, checking, trying something else, comparing it with other files. Oh, it’s a nightmare.

This morning I had created an account at BookSprout, uploaded three different formats and allowed myself the luxury of contemplating the next project. Camp NaNoWriMo is an insatiable word pit. 2 000 words a day, every day.

Hoping to get some solid feedback from my beta readers, I think the thing worked out nicely, but what do I know?

13 000 words, only one real sex scene, but a few teasers leading up to it. The meat of the story is about getting the characters together and describing the exclusive world of first class air travel, something of which I’ve had far too brief an experience. To date.

The setting is as accurate as I can make it, though I’ve taken a few liberties with the facts here and there for the sake of the story.

I’m torn between writing the next instalment, keeping the momentum up, or switching to Root 66.

NaNoWriMo being what it is, perhaps I’d best keep on my established track to feed the ever-hungry word counter.


Image by Britni Pepper

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