Lisbon, Actually

Portugal is one of those minor European nations stuck off in one of the many corners of Europe. Like living in a cul de sac, nobody is just passing by. You have to want to be there.

Love, Actually is one of my favourite soppy films. I mean, Hugh Grant. But there’s a Portugese connection as well, and one of the sweetest moments is when two of the minor actors get together, having spent their time apart learning each other’s language and not getting it quite absolutely right.

I love Portugal. Eu amo Portugal. Lisbon especially, Proud imperial capital, bustling city, great food, a photographer’s delight. The public transport serves the sprawl well, and one can even take the metro up to the ridiculously scenic town of Sintra to tour gardens and castles.

But Lisbon has my heart. Those rust-coloured tiles in random profusion spilling down to the broad river, the grand plazas and avenues, the sweet trams, the elevators connecting the levels of the city.

I must go back for a longer stay, and I must write about some spicy times there. Like Jamie and Aurelia, I spend my time wishing to return and taste once more this sweet, salty, tangy delight of a town.


Image by Britni Pepper

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