Fun or profit?

As noted on Twitter, my first month of writing erotica for fun and profit was only 50% successful.

That’s okay. I’m having fun, and building the business. There’s a tonne of people writing erotica and publishing on Kindle. A lot of them are
• better writers than I am
• better businessfolk than I am
• have an established presence

I can improve on the first two, and to be honest, it looks like either one isn’t strictly necessary to making a profit. I see some writers who are at a primary school level of writing in terms of ability to string a limited vocabulary of words together. I also see some very good writers who don’t seem to be promoting themselves well.

Junk food sells well, and good food sells itself. The key point is finding consumers. Building a brand. figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Understanding the rules of the game.

This is a learning experience for me. For now, it’s fun rather than profit. I like telling stories, and I like sex. Put the two together, it’s fun for me. If I can package the thing up and get noticed and have a bazillion readers hanging on my every word, that’s profit.


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  1. Your mantra of it being fun instead of for-profit couldn’t apply to me more! I’m a newbie blogger and can relate to this on so many levels and need to realise it takes time.


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