On the verge

An emotional day for me. I woke up, got up, fired up my iPad, and the first item was a newsflash. Notre Dame was on fire. The photograph showed that this was not trivial, and it got worse. Video showed the spire falling in, hundreds of shocked onlookers, praying, singing hymns, stunned and silent.

As was I. I love Paris, and this grand historic cathedral. They might have saved the walls and towers – might, because there’s no telling what damage these ancient stones will have suffered in the intense heat – but so much will have gone and can never be replaced.

I love these old temples of all the buildings of mankind. They are filled with light and truth and somehow all the emotion and spirit of the worshipers over the centuries lingers within. Ayasofya, those two great mosques in Isfahan, Salisbury Cathedral, so many amazing places.

And now Notre Dame, a place I cherish, will be a building site for years. I was on the brink of tears so many times today, and slipped over the edge more than once.

I really didn’t feel like work, but I had to publish Mile High Scrub so that my beta-readers could put up reviews. That helped me a little. I polished it up here and there, lengthened the sex scene slightly, and even found a typo I’d missed in the eleventy-seven proofreadings.

I went hunting for my Paris mug – yes, I have the world’s worst travel souvenir habit of collecting expensive, fragile, bulky Starbucks mugs – and not only found it (or at least the Barnes and Noble mug which is just as good) but also my Heidelberg and Lucerne mugs, which I thought had been lost. Every time I fill them with a double shot of coffee, I think back to the friends and the memories of that time.

And to cap all off, I found that Ellie Dale, who is a writer of the most tastefully-crafted erotica, had left me a very kind review on Goodreads, with Amazon on the way.

I cried when I read it. Good tears. It’s been a day for emotion, and this was a much needed high.


Image by Britni Pepper

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