Manual cars are a bit of a challenge nowadays. I’ve driven automatic for so long that when I occasionally rent one – because I can’t afford anything better in a strange country – it’s an adventure.

So I made driving one a plot point in my current Work-In-Progress:

As it happened, Carrie’s thoughts had been inclining to the notion of driving a stick, but Nate’s Jeep hadn’t been uppermost in her mind. The visible evidence of arousal as he posed for her on the bridge had pushed her imagination in a certain direction.

Did she want to learn to drive a manual car with four wheel drive? Not particularly

Did she want to spend more time with this polite and well-engineered young man? Yes, that would be nice, and even more so if he offered to see a bit more of her after their informal employment arrangement came to an end. Perhaps a drink in one of the Tucumcari watering holes…

“If you want to show me how to handle it, I’m your woman,” she said.

Yes, he had found that amusing. Now, what other double entendres could she find in manipulating a man’s knobby stick to point him in a certain direction that coincided with hers?

“It’s not hard, is it?”


Photo by ahmad syahrir from Pexels

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  1. When I was learning to drive a manual, getting the clutch and gears right was tough for me. My best friend, who was teaching me on her car, would say, “If you can’t find it, grind it!”

    Nice job on the double entendres. Sounds like your WIP is shaping up nicely.

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