Easter photoshoot

First off, let me wish all of my readers, new and old, a happy Easter.

This time of year, having a four day long weekend with lots of chocolate and yummy things to eat is a big deal.

Yes, I know that my New Year’s resolution was to lose ten kilos, and I’m not doing too bad on that, with only fifteen more to go, but a little dark chocolate never hurt anybody, right?

Now, I’ve been looking at the blogs of other erotica writers to gain inspiration. They often talk about their writing and publishing tactics, and I know I have a lot to learn there. They sometimes post snippets of their best writing, and occasionally there are freebies offered.

And they talk about this and that and life and hobbies and stuff, so it’s a chance to get to know the people behind the smut. I tend to steer clear of the more outrageously commercial filth, cranked out on a formula, and about as entertaining and erotic as a mathematical equation. That’d be an X-rated maths problem, I guess,

One very good blog is that of Patty, who calls herself MochaCravings. She puts out some sultry reads, and is not ashamed to provide some illustrations that entertain and arouse, together with the occasional video. Definitely NSFW, and the one I looked at – and enjoyed – was sizzling hot. Probably aimed more at men than women, but I think every woman will appreciate the feeling and the sensuality. Must go hunt down some cocoa butter…

Anyway, her blog is Mocha Cravings, subtitled “Sultry Poems and Stories of Black Love, Lust, and Longing”, and I can thoroughly recommend her. I loved her first short published on Kindle, called Campfire Chronicles. Go read it!

Okay. I did promise an unclad version, so here it is. I’ve put in a little soft focus, to help conceal a few of the inevitable blemishes that show up with the camera real close, but there’s nothing hidden, apart from a ribbon to set off the nudity.

There are a few other photographs on the site of this and that. Nothing startling, but if you want to mark me down and follow my photostream, who knows what will pop up?

Right. Here’s the link to the full hi-res version. Careful: unclad!

And to all my readers, thanks for reading, and a very Happy Easter!


Images by Britni Pepper

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  1. Britni, thank you so much for the mention and recommendation. You have to be on of the most supportive writers in the #writingcommunity. 🙏🏾

    Happy Easter!

    I’m off to look at your pics. 😁 I have always had a thing for pinups and the sensuality of it all.

    Thank you for inspiring me. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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