A bit of fun

Fun was the name of the game on yesterday’s post. I do hope nobody was seriously disappointed.

In my eyes, sex needs to be fun. Sure, we can grind out an orgasm to relieve the tension, and do it quickly, efficiently, and satisfactorily. I can crank one out in a few minutes before getting out of bed if I don’t have anyone sharing and I have a busy day ahead.

Just a mechanical thing. Literally. Press the button, it starts to buzz, slide along here, press here, slip it in there, think of a lover’s embrace, the pressure is released and I’m not distracted during the day when I need to be focussed on other things.

Or there are loveless relationships. You know the sort, usually just before one of you walks out. The sex isn’t fun any more, it’s a duty, a task, something to be ticked off on the first Sunday of the month.

To my mind, sex is the spice of life. A little extra we’ve been given. It’s fun, it’s fantastic, it’s a joy, it’s a naughty conversation, it’s teasing, it’s intimacy, it’s a warm snuggle afterwards. It’s the physical act of love and trust and bonding with another human being. You look into each other’s eyes, knowing they have seen things not shared with the everyday world.

I like my lovers to be clever, and witty, creative, unpredictable, inventive. Are they going to seize me at the dinner table, carry me upstairs protesting, strip me and tickle me and fuck me, or are they going to open the shower door, take control, aim the spray here and there, soap me up, rub me down, press their body against mine and slide their fingers over my best bits until I moan and my legs go weak.

Or do something else that they know will make me smile, because I did something like that to them yesterday.

If there aren’t any smiles, then what’s the point?

I hope I raised a few smiles yesterday.

I do admire Patty in her Mocha Cravings. She teases and shares her happy times. Reading her blog is fun without the engineering and analysis that I go in for. I need to understand how something works, but Patty just knows and goes for it.

I’m not yet ready to share intimate images and videos. Not because I would feel ashamed or embarrassed, but because I detest the sort of poorly-lit crude photography that I would turn out with a selfie stick, or an enthusiastic lover with an iPhone. I’d have to arrange for one of those boudoir photographers with a crew to handle the lighting and the makeup and to wrangle my boobs into just the right position. And a line of patter to make me smile and open up.

So, don’t give up on me. If this thing takes off and I can find a way to do it, it won’t be chocolate bunnies posing, it will be me, before I get too old to put up a good display.

Buy my stories, tell your friends, tell me what you want, tease me, tantalise me, make it an act of fun and fantasy and smiles. And we’ll see.


Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

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  1. I’ll say something strange, I was pleasantly disappointed. That doesn’t make sense… Until I saw the bunny I had not realized how pleasant it would have been to NOT see the bunny. Hmm still makes no sense. I enjoy your blog very much and you inspire me to remember that I write erotic stories and maybe someday would like to share them. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, that makes perfect sense!

      I’m also conscious that when I write erotica, I tease and tantalise, but I eventually deliver. Stay tuned!

      It’s not hard, err, difficult to write and publish erotica. Building up a following and understanding your readership is the tricky bit!


  2. I love when my partner is fun, funny, and creative. Obligatory sex is definitely not ideal and dare I say it may diminish my soul… laying there waiting for it to be over. No thank you. I want to laugh and play and fight and bite during sex. And if I can’t in real life then I’ll write about it and live in that moment. 😁

    You’re doing fantastic! Everything will come together as it’s supposed to. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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