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Yesterday I read a review for Mile High Scrub, sent out for review as an Advance Reading Copy.

The review is here on Goodreads. I especially enjoyed the detail that they read my erotica story at one sitting in the bath. A perfect environment for reading any story, preferably with a glass of a crisp chardonnay and some high-end chocolate ready to hand. Highly recommended. As a tribute to this reviewer, could I ask all my readers to run a bath and climb in before reading one of my blog posts? Thank you, I’ll wait for you now.

All set? Good.

Apart from many endearingly positive comments, they said,
It was very fast pace and I was shocked by how ready the characters were to jump into each others arms without even knowing each other. Not that I am judging in any way. Anyone honest enough with themselves would do the same! I would also love to fly first class but hey! I am apart of the unwashed part of the plane. Also something I took offence at.

I asked for and received honest feedback, and I value such, whether positive or negative in any detail. As a writer, I literally cannot see even major problems in my work. It helps to set something aside for a couple of weeks – or better yet, years – so as to erase all the footprints in the mud of my mind.

I sometimes go back over stuff from years gone by and get sidetracked by reading my early writing. I’ll look at something and go, “Wow! Did I write that? What a blazing talent!” or (more likely) “Ewwww! Did I write that? I hope nobody ever reads it!”

I responded to my kind reviewer:

Thanks for the review! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Next time I shall be more careful and make sure I flag my stories as erotica. I’m still new to this. It’s pretty much a given in the genre that the main characters are going to have amazing sex before the end of the story. If it were left to the third story once they had gotten to know each other properly, then nobody would ever get to the second in the series, let alone the third.

That’s just the way the genre works.

For the record I spent twenty four hours on planes yesterday. In economy class. Given the short transfer times in Sydney and Dubai, I had no real opportunity for a shower, so I was offending even myself by the time I hit Frankfurt, let alone anyone else sitting beside me. I put in the “great unwashed” comment so as to be able to set up the punch line of referring to Business Class passengers as “the great unwashed”. Perhaps it fell flat.

Again, thanks for the review, and I am especially grateful for your honesty. Feel free to rip one of my stories to shreds and tell me why in fine detail. I will not be offended by anybody taking the trouble and time to read and comment on my work, Lord knows I get so little feedback that every word is pored over to see how I can lift my game.

A little further communication with the reviewer has cleared up the problem. The sex was not an issue, but rather the speed with which the initial contact was made. Another reviewer had also commented on this point, and the story published had some changes in that area.


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