The first taste of love

When I get back home to Melbourne in a day or two the Australian summer will be well and truly gone.

It is spring here in Germany, and yesterday was quite warm. After walking around the streets of the old town, we went into a restaurant and bar occupying what was once an infirmary and hostel for pilgrims. Dating from the Middle Ages, the roof soared high above us. Must be a right pain to heat in the winter, but for now in the warm sun, it was just right.

So too was the first gulp of the local beer we ordered. My goodness, but it hit the spot perfectly! So refreshing, so tasty, so crisp and bright.

It didn’t even touch the sides, as my father would say.

My gorgeous young companion had the same reaction. “Crikey, that was bloody good!” he said, in German. “But why don’t they make the rest of the bottle like that?”

Isn’t love exactly the same? After all the coy flirting and teasing, the awkward pause before commitment, that first sizzling encounter is one to enjoy. The clothes fly off, the lips touch, the hands explore and enjoy the body’s curves and corners, and when the climax arrives in a sudden rush, it is extra good. It is over far too soon, but the next is slower, more familiar, more comfortable.

And so it goes. Sometimes after days or years the love diminishes, but that first passion is always – at least in my experience – one to savour as time goes by. Love is like madness, if done properly. The body’s senses are turned in one direction, and nothing else matters.

Of course, others can roll their eyes at the ways of lovers, but from the inside, that heady rush is all that counts.

I wish I were like one of the characters in my stories yesterday. Sadly my companion did not turn into my lover, and we did not spend the night making crazy love in tangled sheets, licking the sweat off each other’s skin, enjoying the hot glory of tension released. Again and again.

I went back to my lonely AirBnB and after two days of walking around in damp underwear, I peeled every garment off, poured myself a glass of the local riesling, turned on the hot tap in the bath, and enjoyed the wine, the bath, and myself.

Crikey, but it was good!


Image by Britni Pepper

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