I wanted to get it just right

Call me a sucker for Hugh Grant. Please.

I watched Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill back to back recently, and when another Hugh Grant film came up, I took a look at that.

Music and Lyrics kind of does all the right things in the right order. Hugh Grant plays his loveable, slightly goofy, self. Drew Barrymore hands in a competent performance. The plot follows a predictable path and there’s a happy ending.

So why didn’t it satisfy me like the other two films, and leaving me wanting to hit the “Watch Again” button?

I guess whoever can answer that question when juggling films that cost immense amounts of money to make deserves their share of the immense profits.

Some films, some books, some songs; they just have “hit” written all over them in big letters. And others don’t.

It’s not as if there aren’t a million books and blog posts and podcasts talking about how to make hits. The way these people talk, it’s just a matter of following their step by step plan and maybe signing up for their advanced course, and Bob’s your uncle.

Notting Hill and several other Hugh Grant features are as close to perfect as I’ve seen. Every box ticked, a perfect harmony between script, acting, direction, and production. It all works seamlessly and satisfyingly.

Music and Lyrics klunks along just fine, but it’s a near-miss.

Looking at my own work – with the grand total of two published shorts and one almost ready to go – I can see that I’m in the klunky section. I mean, I’m not awful, and I’m way better than the horrid short I read that got me into this game, but nobody’s going to be handing me golden awards or million-dollar cheques any time soon.

Rest assured, I read every bit of feedback, and I go back and look at my work and measure it against my work(s)-in-progress. I’m aiming to improve, and the first part of that is recognising that I need to improve.

So, I’m sorry if my writing output isn’t machine-gun ripping silk superfast. Bam bam bam, two best-sellers a week. It’s more like one a month, the way I’ve been going, and the quality is a little short of what I want. But bare with me, and satisfaction will come.


Photo by Varun Chandak from Pexels

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