Come climbing

This is a review of a longform erotica work: Angel of El Capitan by M S Tarot. I cannot praise this highly enough. It is the very pinnacle of modern erotica, and I read it in a sitting.

That is not to say that sex is the main ingredient. In fact, you could edit out every bit of sex, including the teasing and titillation, and it is still one hell of a great story.

Angel is rootless after leaving home and the carefully-planned future his parents have provided for him. He wants to be a climbing bum, because the only thing he ever really enjoyed was climbing on the backyard practice wall of neighbours Mary and Alex. As a child.

Years later, Alex is dead in a freakish accident, Mary has given up climbing, and Angel is nowhere near good enough to pursue his dream.

If the reader thinks they know how this is going to play out, they are wrong. There are obstacles and setbacks, mistakes and miscalculations, accidents and incompatibilities. This is no easy path to success.

The reader is dragged along, seemingly up every muscle-tearing, bone-bruising metre of the near vertical rock face, twice as high as the Empire State Building. Dangerous, difficult, exhausting, brutal. The sensations, the details, the emotions are all described in a way that you are simply there.

Even the smell of the rock plays a part. Unexpected and uncomfortable, it just adds to the experience of what is already a full-body immersion read.

The story of the climb stands by itself, and it is a thriller. Added to that is the increasing sexual tension between Angel and Mary. Like the climb, their relationship is not easy. In many ways it is as brutal and unforgiving as the sheer granite of El Capitan. There is no way this is going to happen. There are just too many obstacles.

In the end. Wow.

This is the way to write longform erotica. No quick and easy conquest here. The reader is dragged up the mountain, and stretched into a taut knot of sexual tension at the same time. The climax, when it comes, is explosive.

And may I just say that this is an object lesson in how to write great sex. Everyone else is just fumbling around. This is the real deal.

I was drained by the end of the tale. And impelled to go read more by this author. Five well-deserved stars.


Photo by Tobias Bjørkli from Pexels

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