Petting the teacher

Ellie Dale is a favourite of mine. Her erotic stories are beautifully structured, putting all the pieces in place and then giving the reader exactly what they’ve been wishing for.

In this story – A Glimpse of Miss Tate – there are four characters, Emma and Casey as schoolchums now gone their separate ways but still getting together now and again. Their old teacher Miss Tate, who goes by a salacious but appropriate nickname. And Danny, a hungry lad with an eye for the ladies.

They all meet up in a “forest resort in the middle of nowhere”, one which has a bar, and at least one of the cabins has a hot tub on the rear deck, which comes into play in a scene which is sheer voyeurism.

Come to think of it, Casey plays the voyeur once again, in another scene. And then we as readers pick up that role in the final steamy chapters.

But this isn’t just a matter of the characters putting their pieces together. There is some serious self-doubt going on. What’s going on inside Casey’s head is just as important as what’s happening with her body, and she needs Emma’s participation in her own interior dialogue. This is satisfyingly deep.

As a first-time lesbian love story, this ticks all the boxes – so to speak – and the final encounter is beautifully and sensitively described. I like my erotica with grammar and spelling, credible characters and a half-way plausible plot, and this story does all that. Top quality product from Ellie Dale, as I have come to expect.


Photo by Mahrael Boutros from Pexels

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