Works in Progress May

Charles French, whose most excellent blog I follow, shares his WIP status and asks readers to do likewise. Well, this will be a pingback rather than a comment, but it all counts, hey?

Just twiddling over the final chapter of Two Come Carrie. It’s all but done, I’m just not 100% happy with it. Yeah, it’s a one-handed read: they meet, they flirt, they fuck. Do I need literary elegance? I should just slap a “Finished” sticker on it and push it out the door.

A Real Hoot #2. As yet untitled. I got a few hundred words done in some lounge somewhere and haven’t progressed it. I will. Soon.

Jolly Rancher; Root 66 #2. I’ve got most of the plot and the characters sorted out in my mind. Needs to cook a bit more. I suspect I’ll have to change that title.

Flesh Tones. This is something I started off several months ago. Semi autobiographical and it really excited me, until I realised that there was going to be a lot of sex in it, and it wasn’t at all mainstream, and was I really the person to write lots of sex? As I have found out over the past couple of months, yes I am.

A Real Hoot #3. This is a natural follow on, but it’s going to be a significant different style of story telling. And sex, I guess.

And then there’s all the other notions and potions on the back burner, most of them just a few words, or a place and a character, in the far reaches of my mind. The ones that need writing will bubble up to the top. I think most writers have more ideas than words to flesh them out and time to pick the words.

But Two Come Carrie is my current open Scrivener project. Anybody wants to beta-read the thing, give me a yell, please.


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  1. No, it’s not finished. I’d forgotten the reason I made the male character a young stud. More sex. So another two chapters to fit more sex in. Give me a day or so.


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