A touching experience

Yes, I definitely have a thing for massages leading onto sex. Coding by Candlelight is pretty much centred on a couple of lovingly described massages that dissolve into orgasmic pleasure, and Mile High Scrub features a couples massage that leads into a kiss or two and from there, well, the sky’s the limit!

This book by Stella Rouge, a fellow Australian, goes further than my efforts, full of oil and other fluids though they were. This one has Stella and Darren working their butts off in the garden and treating themselves to a professional massage at a massage parlour.

Now, where I grew up “massage parlour” was a euphemism, but this one apparently actually has professional masseuses with proper tables and everything. Though slightly modified, it seems, in order to deliver a promised happy ending.

Let me just say that this story gets to the business, there are lots of hands oiling up bodies, fingers and tongues and other bodily bits doing other stuff, and the happy endings don’t wait until the end.

Crikey, but I dare any reader to remain unperturbed reading this! I suspect that Stella might have been more than dispassionate; at one stage she loses track of which way her character is facing on the table, but hey, it’s all good. There’s plenty of massaging going on, and the fun just gets better and better.

Beautifully written. Stella has a fine turn of phrase, and this was a delight to read. Five happy stars!


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