Putting the Stud into Student

When I first began reading this erotica short, revealingly named Student House Seduction, I thought I had it all sussed out. A smoking hot married couple are renting out rooms to students, who just happen to be super-hot and extra-keen on extracurricular activities.

If I know my erotica, I thought to myself, these four are going to end up in one big buzzing ball of fun and games in about fifteen minutes.

Not a long read, Amazon Kindle suggests about 30 minutes to get through this debut short from Vickie Vaughan. To be honest, I thought the start was a teeny bit slow and awkward. Solid chunks of exposition in first person. And once or twice Vickie slipped into third person for her narration. But, you know, all the ingredients were falling into line for a big hot chunk of sexy sexiness.

To my surprise, it didn’t work out the way I thought. Yes, all of the residents were getting a climax or two, but not in the way I had been sure it would shape up.

I just had to follow along to see what was going to happen next. Good story. Great sex.

A few words of advice, Vickie. Put in a title page and some copyright info. A bit of disclaimer text that all of your characters are over 18, any resemblance to real people is purely coïncidental yada yada. Indent your first lines of a new paragraph. The opening paragraph of the work needs to be punchier. Really pull in the reader, because if you wait until page three or four to get the action happening, your reader will have skipped along to the next book on the pile.

And some back matter to go after the last page of the book. Point the reader towards your Amazon author page, your Goodreads author page, your blog, whatever. Give those who enjoyed the story somewhere to go to get more of what they liked.

And yes, I liked this. A lot.


erotica, review


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