Women together

Vickie Vaughan‘s second published work of erotica – and she assures me that there are more in the pipeline, Yay! – is set in the same student rooming house as the first, reviewed yesterday.

This one, Student House Seduction: Women Together, is a continuation of the first. Amy’s second day and night in her lodgings is as full of sexual adventure as the previous. Well, more so, to be honest.

A new character is introduced, and is the basis for a surprising interlude. In fact, for the second time running, Vickie’s story had me blindsided and astonished at a surprise event intruding on what seemed like a sure thing.

I love this way of telling a story. Good erotica isn’t about the sex so much as it is about telling a great story with flirting, teasing, tempting, and tension. Push the reader away and delay the expected, and when it finally comes, it is so much the better.

And the sex itself is sizzling. Vickie gets right into the feelings, the sensations, the sights, the emotions, the textures. Not in a coarse or lewd fashion, but from the varied perspectives of the characters. At one point – again – there is a character observing the action, but this time they are completely hidden and their identity concealed. We do not find out until some time later who it actually is – and the revelation is done in a way that just curls my toes in its sensual richness – but even during the primary description, their presumed emotions and activities are well covered.

Again, Vickie slips occasionally into first person – and Vickie, if you are describing events that actually happened to you in some sort of Freudian slippage, let me just say, Wow! – but the exposition of plot and character flows more smoothly than the first.

This story was a delight to read, and I read it at a sitting. I am looking forward to the next instalment in the series. Follow Vickie on Amazon, on Goodreads, on Twitter, on Booksprout, and if you see her walking down the street, chase her back to her writing bench and promise to buy everything she writes.


Photo by Anderson Guerra from Pexels

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