Two Come Carrie Advance Readers available

Carrielle Watson: Australian travel photographer driving Route 66 in a classic Mustang that can’t cope with a muddy road.

Nate Fitzroy: Young, gifted, black, down to his last few dollars.

They meet in a land of enchantment, one of them is naked, they both need each other.

Can they stay on the right track? Can they keep it clean? What happens to the nude photographs?

And where is the biggest swallow in New Mexico?

All this and more, in Two Come Carrie Tonight.

My latest erotica short is now out for review. There are twenty copies available for beta readers. Good, bad, mistakes, applause, suggestions; all needed before publication ten days away.

Advance Review Copies now available here at Booksprout in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats.


erotica, Root 66 ,

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures. Her schoolmates loved listening to her stories about princesses and pirates and dragons, and once she looked up to find the principal looking on. "No, no, don't stop, Britni," he said. "I want to hear what happens next!" What happened next was university, a job in the travel industry, and a career of travelling the world meeting the most fascinating people. Britni has travelled to thirty of the world's nations and loves making up stories about fascinating people doing interesting things in exotic places. No longer tales about princes and wizards, but her stories are just as much fantasy as ever.

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