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Harper Bliss delivers a professional product. She’s been doing this for a while, and of course you’d expect someone with years of experience under her belt, not to mention a devoted following, to be hitting the mark with every fresh release.

But this book – Hired Help – was first published in 2012. And it’s an impressive offering, right up with Harper’s current catalogue. In fact, according to Harper’s website, it was her very first e-book title.

The action starts in the first paragraph. Olivia has been without a lover for months. She’s horny and looking for release, but self-pleasure isn’t what she’s after.

Her friend Sam offers her a solution, if she’ll only just take a certain action.

The tension builds, and it’s a third of the way in before we get to the meat of the book. After that, it doesn’t let up, not for a page.

An interesting and innovative way of building tension and uncertainty. Harper Bliss is all about lesbian affairs, and this delivers that in spades, but we lucky readers are unsure as to what each chapter will bring. Olivia isn’t in charge of what comes next – or who comes next, though it’s mostly her – and we ride along with her own eager thoughts on pleasure and release.

Good, solid sex, delivered with style and grace. This is a book you can read in one hit – so to speak – but there’s enough good bits that you could get two out of it, not to mention any return visits.

Due to the nature of the plot, it’s not really romance as well as sex, but it’s sweet and emotional enough for that. It ends with a kiss, let’s leave it at that.

Like all of Harper’s stories, this is good stuff. No disappointments. No problems with grammar or spelling, no awkwardness. Five sexy stars!


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