Flat out

Well, it’s now a couple of days since the Australian election produced an unexpected result, and those who thought that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was a sure bet – as Bill himself did – are coming to terms with the prospect of Prime Minister Scott Morrison staying on for three more years.

Twitter is abuzz with anguished Aussies, complaining that the sky is falling in, they need to emigrate to New Zealand, they can’t face the future etc. etc.

Well, shit, that’s democracy, and it’s so bloody easy to whinge if the result doesn’t go the way you wanted.

Take a look at the professional politicians. Are they wringing their hands and sobbing that the world has ended?

No, of course not. They accept the voters’ decision and get on with it. Most of them are assured of jobs within the party political machine, win or lose, so it’s not that big a deal for them.

Those who whinge, what do they do? Nothing, that’s what. Hey, go sign up with a political party, say you want to be a candidate next time round, and actually go do something. Winning an election is a lot more than stuffing a few leaflets into letterboxes and handing out how to vote cards on the day.

If your message is any good, go spruik it, convince a few unconvinced, get some momentum going. You know, talk to people, rather than just your mates on social media.

But no. Most people want someone else to save the world for them while they post likes to videos of funny cats.

At least in Australia they can’t use that ultimate lame cop-out: “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote!”


Image courtesy Pexels

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