Dawning light

Every time I visit a city, I like to look into the art gallery. You never know what to expect, but there will always be something worth while.

This one caught my eye. Aurora, meaning “Dawn”.

She walks quietly along a canalside path, waking the town with her cymbals as the light strengthens behind her.

Pre-Raphaelite, of course, so there’s beauty and grace to go with the theme.

It was the skyline and low cloud which caught my eye. Almost abstract in its simplicity, leading my eye down to the goddess and her detailed surroundings. The building on the left is reflected perfectly in the still dawn water.

The same gallery contains many mouth-watering pieces. I love wandering though the halls of a really good gallery, savouring the mix and the sequence of the collection. There will be themes, local artists, maybe a visiting display, and usually the building itself is a work of art.

Cue the overpriced cafe and the pretentious giftshop on the way out.

I’ve seen the Louvre, various famous national galleries, some brilliant places.

But my favourite remains the small but exquisite collection of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. Again, in an amazingly elegant gallery, and Fort Worth itself is one of my very favourite cities, full of fun and excitement, beauty and hustle. Walk in the serenity of the Asian gardens, watch the longhorn muster in the historic Stockyards precinct, take in a performance at the majestic Bass Hall.

And try some fabulous Texas cooking at one of the many local restaurants. Hard to go past a good thick steak at Riscky’s, washed down by a cold glass of Shiner Bock.

Not just the art attracts my attention when travelling!


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