Consummate skill

There are things I look forward to. A fine day – increasingly rare in Melbourne as winter barrels in.

A night out with the girls. Dinner and gossip and giggles and hugs all round.

A good long weekend bath with a glass of something nice, something naughty to read as I soak, and one hand spare.

To hold the glass, and top up the hot water, of course.

And a new Vickie Vaughan erotica story. Wow, can this lady write hot sex! And make it linger and last. Every finger touch, every kiss on a naughty bit, every glimpse of something nice, and it’s all lovingly and sensuously described. Pages and pages of glorious action, lasting long enough for the one handed reader to enjoy every drop.

The third story in the series, after Student House Seduction and Student House Seduction: Women Together. (I’ve reviewed these previously, here and here.)

Vickie is on top of her game at teasing and tantalising the reader. I’ve been teased for two stories now, and dammit, I want to get to the climax of the story arc.

Well, I won’t say what happens, but Vickie doesn’t disappoint. The story opens heading into a bold new direction, one hinted at in the previous narrative, and it’s more teasing. Then our heroine Amy goes off and does real life stuff for weeks and weeks, with a surprising interlude in the middle and then…

Well, let’s just say that the second half of the story is sizzling hot. A surprise or two; Vickie, as usual, doesn’t just head for the hot stuff directly as lesser writers might. No, there’s a nice long buildup before things get really heavy, and it’s all good.

More than good. It’s glorious. I found this story tightly plotted, full of surprises, and immensely satisfying. Five stars, Vickie!

And I cannot wait to find out what happens next!


Image credit: Pexels

erotica, review

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