There comes a time in the career of every Kindle writer when they realise that despite the anxious study of the sales figures, it ain’t happening. Their lovingly-crafted works of literature are part of the long tail. Sure, published, available to a global market for pennies in seconds, but just one of millions of similar items for the consumer to choose from.

Imagine one bottle of every every soft drink in the world – as may be seen at Pops in Oklahoma, where a warehouse-sized shop has long shelves and refrigerators stacked with every imaginable flavour and colour – and just one of the thousands available is Pepsi-Cola. It may be the best flavour in the world, but it ain’t going to be the best selling, not without a little pizzaz to push it out of the pack.

Jane Caleb-Wood, who writes marvellously atmospheric erotica that can heat me up in the middle of a blizzard, must have already figured out that pizzaz is worth the effort.

She has made a few tentative forays into advertising, even going so far as to make a book trailer, something I had never imagined until a week or two back.

Her website, which puts this one to shame in its visual splendour, offers advice on how to make promotional material for social media. This particular blog post gives step by step instructions, and is packed with examples:

Obviously Jane has an eye for pizzaz, but as I gloomily ponder my own sales figures, I think I’ll have to follow the same path. Being the best and smuttiest writer I can be is not going to pay the bills.

Stand by for an advertising blitz. Most likely full of bad puns and tacky stock photos.


Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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