How to be the Queen of Sex

Vickie Vaughan and her erotic stories have appeared in this blog before. She not only knows how to write white-hot sex scenes that put the reader into the heat of the action, but she constructs a plot that pulls the reader along with it, full of surprises and twists along the way to the main event.

So I asked her how she does it. Here’s Vickie, my esteemed guest for today.


Even though it seems like it just started yesterday, I published my first short erotic story on Literotica back in 2004.  It was almost 15 years after that to the day that I published my first real erotic short on Amazon, with many breaks in between.  Since then I’ve written 20 stories for that site and have now published 5 short erotic works of my own.

Throughout the years of putting down the smut in my brain onto electronic paper, my technique has remained fairly consistent.  I write what I know.

Now, this first thing you’re going to think is that I have a wonderfully active sex life!  That’s not exactly the case. When I’m formulating a scene for a book or creating a premise, my main goal is to describe it for the person reading as if they are watching it unfold.  I like to think that this creates more of a connection with the characters and the reader will enjoy playing what they see within their own mind.

This is how I read novels myself, and therefore what resonates with my brain.  I find it only logical that maybe other readers do the same thing. Therefore, I’m writing what I know.   

My best ideas come to me when I’m thinking about real life situations that could plausibly happen, but are usually reserved for the realm of fantasy for most regular people.  One of my favourite authors growing up (and still today) is Stephen King, who has described his technique as taking normal everyday occurrences and making them scary. I guess I’d like to think I take normal everyday occurrences and try to make them incredibly sexual.  My ideas come to me sometimes at the gym, in the grocery store, or even watching a good television show or movie.

Ideally my process is to build the story around a central scene or event, and then the rest of the plot is built around it.  I know that many authors establish characters, motivation and other things first, but I prefer to work in the reverse. I’ll get the main part down on paper, and then build around that to make the narrative flow properly and give the characters in the story life and motivation for the things that they do.  

Fantasy is an important part of life in my opinion, and I feel that my job as a writer is to create a fantasy that readers not only identify with, but then they can enjoy in their own minds.    

My point is that you don’t necessarily have to have everything planned out in advance before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.  Have an idea, write it down, create a scene and then go from there. You might just be surprised at what is created when you’re done!

15 years later I’m still enjoying the process and creating stories that I love.  Write what you know, and I’m sure that the same can happen for you!

Vickie Vaughan

I have been anxiously checking Amazon for more Vickie, and I’m pleased to say that she has two fresh new stories out as of today. A little kinkier than her Student House Seduction series. I’ve only just started reading the first of this new series, and I’m a long way from the central event, but it’s shaping up very nicely. Reviews to come in due course, but you don’t need to take my word for it. Go and visit Vickie’s world of sex right now with The White Hotwife and Double Desire!


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