This jumped out at me recently. Not literally, but just the sheer visual impact of it. Raised my camera and snapped off a shot. What a ripper! It looks like something out of a science fiction film just standing there. I can only imagine what it looks – and sounds – like angry.

I cannot say that I love motorbikes. I mean, I enjoyed Easy Rider when I saw that cult film – and a lot of it shot along or near Route 66 – but the only time I’ve ever been on a motorbike it scared the pants off me.

This thing struck me as an example of individuality. A voice raised against the cookie-cutter bean-counter culture of the modern age. Everyone the same, everyone a consumer, everyone a number on a plastic card.

I may not always agree with people’s opinions and preferences, but I am so glad that they have them and share them. Life in a rich bubbling stew of ideas and cultures and minds is what I enjoy.

So, feel free to disagree with or enlighten me. I won’t mind. If I think you are being trolly or nasty, I might not respond, but if you are expressing a genuine opinion, I’ll respect that.

May I never be so far up myself that I think I have everything worked out and have my finger on perfection.


Image credit: Britni Pepper

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