Awesome foursome

I have been reading Vickie’s Student House Seduction series with keen interest now, ever since the very first one came out and I was introduced to the “Queen of Sex”.

I bow down before her incredibly steamy scenes, and to the skilful way in which she teases the reader along. It’s never straightforward with Vickie, and when the action arrives it’s all the better for the tantalising.

The title kind of gives away the ending, but then again, the series has been leading in this direction since the beginning, and really it was just a matter of how the reader would be led to the big scene.

As ever, Vickie delivers. This isn’t everybody just piling into the master bedroom and having an orgy. No, there’s tension and travel and some teasing and it’s just so hot the way the action builds.

And, naturally, once the reader gets there, it’s good. Great. Awesome. Totally satisfying. Vickie knows how to tell a story and I just love it.

Writing a scene with four characters all busy at once cannot have been easy, and it would be very easy to get lost trying to work out who is doing what to whom. But everything is made clear, and there are no awkward spots.

There’s more character development and relationship building in the wider story arc. These four are all likable characters and following their progress has been enjoyable. There’s another story promised in this series, and I’ll be keen to read it, see how the series gets tied up.

Five stars for spice and style.


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