Norman story

A few days ago, I mentioned a story idea based on D-Day, the Second World War landings in Normandy. A place I love, and a fascinating and momentous occasion in our history.

I’ve been thinking of a way to tell a story – and to give a military adventure some passion – and I have been roughing out a plot in my mind.

I like to tell my stories in alternating viewpoint chapters. He did this, then she did that and so on back and forth.

This time, there’ll be a twist. The young soldier will tell his story, and my intrepid travelling photographer Carrie will tell about meeting a veteran, well into his nineties, but still sharp and lively, revisiting the battlefield.

Two viewpoint characters, 75 years apart. There’s a lot I can do with this format. It’s almost time travel.

Well, it is time travel. I’ve sometimes said to the fellow behind the counter, “I have travelled here from the year 1984 to buy this hamburger,” which is technically correct, but quite misleading.

With any luck, I can knock this out in a few days work and have advance reading copies available on Monday.

Anyone interested?


Image credit: Britni Pepper

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