Poetry between us

You know, when I started this thing a few months ago, I opened all the usual social media accounts, to gain some links to others doing the same sort of thing.

Twitter was just one channel, and I never expected much of it, to be honest. I thought Facebook and Goodreads would be the most rewarding sites for writers.

Boy, was I wrong!

Twitter turned out to be full of writers. Not just people writing stories and novels and poetry and boring the socks off of their friends, but writers building and cherishing a strong community.

Helping each other, supporting each other, sharing their secrets, bonding over problems of editing and publishing and finding usable cover art and all the thousand little details that turn a scribble on paper into a book one might buy and read and be inspired or puzzled or enthralled by.

Just go to Twitter and search for the hashtag #WritingCommunity and you will find yourself in a world of fun. And sometimes suffering.

For a creative mind, it’s catnip. Suddenly there are thousands of people walking the same path, encountering the same problems, finding the same solutions. Heady stuff!

I forget how I found her now, but it was through the #WritingCommunity. Jacinta Horgan impressed the hell out of me when I checked out her work. In today’s world of fake news and bot accounts and narratives crafted by advertising orcs, finding honesty and authenticity and genuine passion is a refreshing change. No matter what the topic, and Jacinta certainly cuts close to the bone on occasion.

Speaking or writing from the heart is what communication is all about. You ever watch someone reading a speech? It’s fake as, unless they have a barrowload of acting skills.

But tell someone not to bother reading it, “just give us the guts of it, will you?” and the words come alive. Their thoughts become yours. It’s really the most extraordinary thing.

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with Jacinta on every topic. Hell, I don’t agree with anyone exactly on everything. But I can respect her views, and encourage her to do more. That’s what the writing community is all about. Cheering each other on. We might be a bunch of loners scribbling out our secret thoughts, but when you get thousands of loners sharing and commenting and pushing each other on, magic happens.

So thank you, Jacinta. Your smile and your enthusiasm and your reading suggestions lift me up. I’m writing again and enjoying it more. Together, we and the rest of the community are going to do amazing things.


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