When will they ever learn?

The term “concentration camp” has been thrown around a fair bit over the past week or so. Often by people who are paid to know better.

Wikipedia points to history books noting that it was the British in South Africa around 1900 who first used the term “concentration camp” to refer to a camp where the civilian population was interned without trial or charge or any reason other than being of a certain ethnicity or nationality.

They were not death camps with gas chambers and crematoria. Many of those interned in these camps died, through overcrowding, poor diet, disease, and violence. But this is true of any concentration camp, even those set up by the Americans in World War Two to house their own citizens. No less a person than the President used that very term.

America has again set up a gulag network of camps to house civilians whose only crime is to have the wrong ancestors. People die in these camps; let there be no error or misunderstanding about that. There are some who defend the deaths of women and children claiming that it isn’t intentional in the same way that Nazi Germany herded its own citizens into Auschwitz and other places.

They say it is legal, it is good for America, it is a good thing.

To those people, I say bullshit. Go learn some facts.


Image credit: Pixabay

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