Exquisite feeling

Cover of "When You Feel It", An Erotic Compilation by Kelanie Black.

There once was a lass from Darjeeling
Who danced with exquisite feeling.
Not a sigh, not a word,
Not a sound could be heard
Save the fly buttons hitting the ceiling.

Kelanie Black writes the same way. When a book has hardened nipples in the second sentence, that’s a promising sign indeed!

This is a collection of six stories, mostly about BDSM. Kelanie’s first published work, and definitely a collector’s item, because there are more to come in this vein, I am sure.

This is a book of stories that yes, they have this part going here, and those things doing this, and a climax or two, but it’s mostly about how the characters feel about what’s going on. Tension, titillation, memories, excitement: the thoughts and emotions carry the reader along every bit as much as the physical descriptions.

And isn’t that the way sex really is? It all happens in the head. Sure, you might need a little bit of input here and there, but good sex is about the story being told in the mind, and for sure the payoff is bliss flooding through the thoughtways.

Perhaps the hottest part of the whole book comes on the second page, when a woman is lured into an alley and propositioned in a masterful way. I was on the edge of my seat. “Careful! This guy has got DANGER written all over him!”

These stories take the characters to the brink, but they all work out satisfactorily. Except for one, which goes over the edge. Kelanie skilfully retrieves the situation, and it is the most intimate and poignant of the lot.

This isn’t a collection of BDSM stories about people being cuffed and swatted and disciplined so much as it is about people caring for each other.

There’s one oddball story in the mix. I had to take two goes at it before I could believe that this was really going on, that someone would, and could, write something like that.

I enjoyed it. May we be spared from stories that are all written the same way. I hope she writes more in that style.

Kelanie is a drummer – a skilled and talented drummer – in real life. Her stories are written with impeccable timing, rhythm and harmony. The strokes of the paddle or cane or bare hand land with exquisite grace.

When You Feel It is a book which is touching, in more ways than one. I loved it.


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