Pool girls

Tiger Stripes: Pool Girl is a story I’ve been meaning to read for a while. Sasha Rowan puts out a lot of erotica stories, and this one caught my eye.

Well, they all caught my eye, but one has to start somewhere.

The story begins with Freya – a merry widow – relaxing by the late afternoon pool. No husband, kids off at college, might as well slop some sunscreen onto those pert nipples that just happen to slip out of her bathing suit.

Things get kind of interesting for a while, but the noisy arrival of the pool company’s representative, Gail, puts a stop to that.

Um, one thing leads to another from there, but let’s just say that what happens is unlikely to be a surprise to the reader who dives into this story. You’re going to get wet.

The setting and set-up is well handled. There’s a lovely bit of sassy dialogue as the two women sound each other out and discover that the topic of special interest isn’t pool maintenance.

But it’s the sex that makes the story, and yes, it sizzles and splashes. Sorcha obviously has a talent for this. The description flows well and naturally. It’s not so much a matter of who is doing what with which parts – though that aspect is well covered – so much as the senses and the sensations the two participants are experiencing.

Every sense is catered for, and it is a rare reader who won’t be yipping and sighing along with the characters.

The sex goes on for a good long time, and at least one of the characters “crests the third hill of the evening”. The climaxes come naturally and there’s a little bit of kink to keep things interesting.

The characters themselves, although both well-stacked – and the “tiger stripes” of the title make an appearance – are sufficiently different in almost every way to add interest to the encounter. Experience, looks, preferences, social roles: Sorcha keeps careful track of the relationship.

This story is well-rounded and has a bit of depth to it. The two women get to know each other in their conversation as well as their congress.

All told, a pleasant interlude, well-crafted and totally enjoyable. There’s a few hints dropped along the way that there may be more “Tiger Stripes” to come. If so, I’d love to see more of Freya.


Image credit: Pixabay

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