Student finals

The cover of the book "Student House Seduction: Finality"

With this story, the fifth in the Student House Seduction series, the story of Amy and her friends reaches a climax.

Well, several climaxes, to be exact.

There is Amy’s story, and it is as satisfying a tale as one might hope for, and there is the story of Vickie the author.

Over the course of this series I have watched her develop from a fairly rocky beginning, where character names and viewpoints switched around from page to page, to the concluding parts in this collection, where she demonstrates that she is master of her craft, able to tell a story with no distractions from grammar or typos, able to avoid the predictable – and boring – progression one might expect, and able to keep track of multiple participants in the intricate action.

The earlier stories are probably worth my while to revisit – I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, so I can simply download the stories as many times as I want for free – because she has tidied up any rough spots.

This last story moves on from those preceding, and yet it is a surprise in what happens. Very cleverly plotted, Finality avoids the story arcs I imagined, and strikes out in a new direction or two, while remaining true to the spirit of the series.

The story opens with some steamy activities going on – a clever echo of some of the action in the first story – and then there’s some aching tantalising and teasing going down, before the second half of the story comes alive.

I won’t spoil it by revealing any of the secrets, but the scene is long and intense and satisfying. A little bit kinky but nothing too startling. I’ve called Vickie the Queen of Sex previously, and she continues to impress. Writing a sex scene that doesn’t fall over the line into a banal description of body parts sliding around, nor yet tip-toe around in a fog of euphemisms, and can still excite the imagination is a difficult task.

Vickie treads that line and keeps on ratcheting up the tension. This story is a lesson in how to transcend the genre. Trust me, this is one writer worth following. Go out, read the four preceding stories in this series, and enjoy the payoff with this final episode.

Five stories, five stars each!


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