Jane Caleb-Wood impressed me from her very first published stories. An interesting setting, a lot of teasing leading up to some hot action, and a satisfying resolution, though with the potential for more.

With her new series, there’s not quite so much teasing and literary foreplay, but that’s okay. Anyone who doesn’t know where an erotic story is headed isn’t the target audience.

In this book, Training for Gold, Jane introduces the characters – three elite athletes – gets us inside the head of one of them whose mind isn’t so much on Olympic gold as it is on the fabulously fit bodies of her friends as they train together in the gym, and within a few pages they are really getting stuck into it.

Like all good sports stories, the action is intense, the competition tight, and everyone is on edge to see who comes first.

I think it’s safe to say that there are multiple winners here, and the real gold medal goes to Jane, who narrates all of the action without losing track of what’s happening in this steamy, sweaty, saucy event.

Oh, yeah. I mentioned interesting settings, and who has not been teased by the possibilities of the gym? All those taut bodies in close-fitting lycra, the secret glances, the naughty and delicious thoughts of what might be.

The gloves are off. Jane takes us behind the scenes. No need to exercise your imagination, here it is in every sweet and sizzling detail.

This is the first book in the Deep Desires series. You may be certain I’ll be returning for more!


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