And Carrie makes three

The process of formatting a book in Vellum is simplicity itself. I use Scrivener for writing, and I have yet to find a better tool for the writer. Apart from being a lovely writing environment, Scrivener can handle all the chapters, scenes, parts and volumes you wish to throw at it. Whatever structure your book may be, Scrivener can organise it and display it as you wish. As 3×5 cards on a corkboard, if you wish.

Not to mention holding character descriptions, outlines, maps, images, links, notes, blurbs, afterwords and anything else that may be remotely tied into a writing project.

It is a bargain.

For Kindle export, I save my completed story in Word format using the “Compile” dialogue. I specify the “for Vellum” option, and Scrivener assembles all the text in my manuscript, leaving out the notes and outlines and whatever, into a single document, which is then automatically opened up in Vellum.

In Vellum, I can specify which style I want. Things like drop caps, font, indentation, chapter heading, page numbering and so on. There are a limited number of styles available, but the elements may be mixed and matched to get just the right look.

Adding a copyright page, or a dedication, an afterword, an “About the author” page and so on is quick and easy.

Perhaps the best part is that a print version is just a matter of ticking another box for output, and a perfect PDF is produced. All the major output formats are catered for, and a few more. One may produce an “EPUB for Kindle version”, which – as I have discovered – is readily accepted by the Kindle upload process. No more downloading a copy of KindleCreate.

I’ve taken the opportunity to revise all three of my published stories. A few tweaks to the text, eliminate some unwanted carriage returns, add in some decorative elements.

And finally get the table of contents looking the way it should. Oh, blessed day!

Oh yeah. And create print versions. You really want hardcopy editions, now is your chance!


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