The Father Road

Route 66 is a passion of mine. I have a grand plan for a series of shorts, each taking my blonde photographer Carielle Watson to adventures along the Mother Road in her powder-blue ’65 Mustang.

So far, she’s only explored a tiny section of the old road along the Texas/New Mexico border, as well as what lies behind the faded blue jeans of Nate, a much younger, down-on-his-luck but well-built lawyer in an old Jeep.

Carrie learns to drive a stick, and Nate discovers how to press Carrie’s buttons and it’s a bit of sexy fun. Two Come Carrie Tonite, give it a read, now available in paperback as well as Kindle and for free on Kindle Unlimited.*

I put a lot of research into writing the story, and you would not believe the sort of arcane websites that describe the history and details of Route 66 in intimate (and possibly excruciating) detail. I buried my brains into these sites and emerged no wiser. But much better informed.

I won’t say this short has been a best-seller for me. But I’m planning more of the same, so I went to hunting up any competition. Entering “Route 66 erotica” into Amazon’s search bar brings up a list of merchandise somewhat puzzingly headed up by bags of “Route 66” snacks. Perfect road trip tucker, for sure, but maybe you have to be a different type of woman to get the erotic feelings for it. It’d be an oral thing, I guess. Sweet and salty and full of meaty chunks.

My story came up in the results, a bit lower down, but hey, I don’t mind it that way. Top of the literature results was Road Trip with my Best Friend’s Dad by Harley Jane Meadows, which promised a Route 66 connection.

I must say that the connection is minimal. Sure, the venturesome roadtrippers – a college student and her best friend’s father, obviously an older gent – hop into the car and make their way west from Chicago, but apart from a few sentences about Meremac Caverns, a heavily advertised tourist trap which has suckered in generations of travellers, the explorations occur in bed. Or in the reclining front seats of Dad’s car.

Well, that’s okay. Obviously Harley’s research efforts went in different directions and depths to mine, and the story packs a solid punch that you won’t find on any number of nerdy Route 66 websites. Let’s just say that the phrase “Daddy’s good little girl” has a different meaning to what it meant when I was a lass.

There is a bit of plot at the beginning, introducing the characters and setting up the story. Moira Caplan and Deena are at university. Moira is a bit of a swot and can’t join her father Leo on a planned Route 66 road trip. So she nominates best friend Deena, little knowing that Leo and Deena have a history involving a previous exploration of the Grand Canyon and other features.

If you are into quasi-father/daughter relations, then this story will suit you down to the ground. Daddy and Deena do all the right things and make all the right noises. It’s nothing but good wholesome fun, basically.

Harley Jane Meadows has a wide portfolio of stories exploring various kinks and fetishes. Well worth exploring; I even spotted a couple of dinosaur sex stories in the mix.

Five Uber stars. I liked the sex, I wasn’t so hot on the very sketchy Route 66 roadtrip.


* Yes, I know that you have to pay a small subscription for Kindle Unlimited, but you can read as much as you want out of millions of titles, and it really is free if you sign up for a trial using this link.

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