Remember the days

Jane Caleb Wood puts out a line of tightly-plotted high-class erotica. She has explored various topics and kinks, and this new series marks a new twist.

Real life. This is chapter one of Jane’s Erotic Autobiography, and it is kind of like a biography with just the naughty bits left in.

Fun with Jane: Chapter One is the clever title, and at the time I write this there are three chapters published. With more to come, so to speak.

In this episode, Jane is a teacher in a Western state, just out of one relationship and at a bit of a loose end until the school year finishes and she can go back east away from the heat of the desert.

But there is more than one source of heat, and the warmth between Jane and a fellow teacher builds up, in constant danger of discovery from sharp-eyed students and fellow staff members.

The tension builds as the relationship moves forward and there are some hot and spicey scenes as the lovers take things to the next level in various stolen moments and spaces.

Jane says she has disguised some of the details, but the memories are true enough.

And such memories! Jane knows how to tease and take the reader along with her as the lovers swap glances for touches, caresses for embraces, and beyond. Definitely 18+ only reading!

There’s no Happy Ever After ending in this chapter, but real life is rarely so neatly plotted out. Jane is one of my favourite erotic writers and I’m looking forward to more tales from her private journals.

In the meantime, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go back and re-read that sizzling scene in the supply closet.


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