Beautiful curves

I have been following Natasha Bender as a talented author of erotica for some time now.

She is very effective at what she does. She is generous with her time and help on Twitter, where she has been known to share the odd intimate selfie. And now she has published a book without words that speaks volumes.

Boudoir by Natasha Bender is a feast.

Speaking as a photographer, these images represent the very best of boudoir photography. Intimate selfies are rare in the genre; there’s a necessary intersection of the skill sets of photographer, female, knockout shape, and eye for composition. And a desire to show off, I guess.

Natasha, you have a fabulous set of curves, and the various ways you demonstrate this in your photographs, through lighting, the (tight) lines of fabric, the arrangement of shapes, and the texture contrasts of skin and lingerie is masterful. Mistressful? Delightful!

The backstory – that you send these to tease your distant husband when travelling – is certainly effective. The poor guy must moan with desire when these hit his email inbox, but at least he has the anticipated pleasure of a happy return.

Some of the best photographs are where your torso is (almost) totally hidden by some full and erotic outfit – a burlesque strutter’s teddy, rather than some scanty, see-through wisp. You fill out these luscious garments beautifully.

The whimsy of other shots, where a fold of bed linen conceals some vital feature must drive your husband wild, imagining the fun to be had when home he comes.

Thank you for sharing your work with the world. You have a remarkable talent, and I speak as one who knows what she is talking about. Some of these images should be made available as full-size art-quality prints to be framed for display. They are that good.

Boudoir, ladies and gentlemen. Go get a copy.


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